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Oculus view glitches and stutters when turning head....

Discussion in 'EditorXR' started by PixelPup, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. PixelPup


    Mar 6, 2018
    Everything installs fine and it does run, however when I turn my head I tend to get little stutters or glitches. I am running Unity 2018.3.13f1, I cloned the EditorXR from github, installed Oculus Integration 1.35 and did the legacy updates. I am not seeing any errors but it is very noticeable in the headset inside Unity, however the Oculus home, etc.. experiences are 100% fine. Running the avatar demo in the Oculus Integration package seems to be fine as well.
    I feel like I have seen this issue before in Unity when I was trying to use custom "hands" with the oculus sample framework. Not sure how to resolve this.
    Any ideas?
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  2. TheWarper


    Nov 3, 2013
    Also having this issue in 2019.1.4f1.

    Occurs on Vive Pro and Oc Rift.

    Greatly reduced most of the issues for Vive Pro by switching from single pass to multi-pass rendering.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019