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Question oculus quest 2 axis input smoothing

Discussion in 'XR Interaction Toolkit and Input' started by Mr_KoKa, Dec 9, 2022.

  1. Mr_KoKa


    May 1, 2017
    Here is build run using steam as default xr runtime:

    And here is the same build run using oculus as default xr runtime:

    I'm using oculus link for both.

    When run by oculus xr runtime you can notice that values for grip and trigger change smoothly
    The cancel event for releasing grip button fires seconds after the value reaches 0, rapid presses of a button don't even reach 1 for axis value.

    Also active state for oculus is 0.5 and for steam 0.3, then steam also waits only for value drop to 0.2 to fire cancel event. All that makes controls under steam more responsive and immediate, quicker to repeat.

    Before I start to create my own buffering scripts I would like to ask. Is there something quick and ready to use to make project work the same under oculus xr runtime as it works under steam xr runtime?

    And if there is no such thing, my idea is to make buffer-script that will handle InputActions and then other script would subscribe for notifications from the script trough Actions<some input structure>.