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Bug Oculus Link gets stuck after exiting play mode

Discussion in 'VR' started by FuatW, Dec 6, 2023.

  1. FuatW


    Apr 9, 2013
    When developing on my Meta Quest 3 using an USB Connection and Oculus Link, after exiting the Play Mode,
    on the VR Headset I get an infinite loading screen.

    When I try to re-enter Playmode again, the game does not start in VR-Mode and the VR-Headset stays in its infinite loading screen state.

    This makes playtesting and debugging not possible.
    Also, this was not the case for the longest time. This randomly just happened, and I changed nothing to my note of the plugins / configs / headset / etc..

    Sometimes when starting Playmode, unity itself won't even start VR-Mode, instead saying "Shutting down OpenXR"

    A workaround I am using right now:
    When in Playmode, to exit, press the Meta Button and close Unity through the Headset.
    This probably ends the OpenXR Session (?)
    After this you can exit the playmode inside Unity

    And then if you're ready, start play mode again then repeat the stop above.

    This is not a very good solution, so I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to fix this.

    Project Config:

    - XR Interaction Toolkit 2.5.2
    - XR Hands 1.3.0
    - XR Plugin management 4.4.0
    - XR Core Utillities 2.2.3
    - Unity OpenXR Meta 1.0.0
    - OpenXR Plugin 1.9.1
    - Oculus XR Plugin 4.1.2

    Attached Files:

  2. FuatW


    Apr 9, 2013
    EDIT I fixed it

    I simply re-installed all Plugins that are releated to XR. And deleted the XR & XRI Folders in the Assets Directory.

    My guess is that something was corrupted with the XR Settings File, because the whole editor got very laggy when opening and editing it.
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  3. Cyntia


    Dec 13, 2023
    Hi FuatW, thank you for your tips regarding Oculus Quest 3.
    I have the following issue, Can you help me with it, please?

    Oculus 3 - build and run issue for Android
    Recently I purchased the new Oculus 3 and I am trying to run and build my Unity projects to my new Oculus 3 and I can’t see Unity on Android to recognise my new Oculus 3?

    I really appreciate if you can give me some advices, thank you! :)
  4. FuatW


    Apr 9, 2013
    Hey, did you activate USB Debugging on the quest as well as developer mode?

    i'd recommend seeing the getting started guide on the Meta Quest Developer Website