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Question Number of scenes and streaming costs in UnityForma.

Discussion in 'Unity Forma' started by TE_Sugiyama, Dec 29, 2022.

  1. TE_Sugiyama


    Dec 29, 2022
    Hello UnityForma team.

    I am a production company looking to implement Forma.
    I have two questions.

    1) How many scenes can I upload to UnityForma?
    For example, if my customer has 10 different products and I want to create a configurator for each of them, can I use one Forma licence?

    (ii) Does the annual fee for UnityForma include customer streaming costs?
    In general, these high-performance VR configurators will cost an hourly server streaming fee, but in the case of Forma, are these streaming costs separate from the annual fee?
    Or does Forma's annual fee alone allow hundreds of viewers per day to experience the same configurator?

    I am afraid this is a basic question.
    We would appreciate your answers.

    Thanks again for your excellent support.