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Question Not able to Raise or Lower Terrain

Discussion in 'World Building' started by alcaporzel, Jul 2, 2022.

  1. alcaporzel


    Jul 1, 2022
    Hey Unity Friends,

    im new here and i try to learn with tutorials. I added Terrain Tools 4.0.3 and some Assets like Trees and Grass and that stuff to build my first terrain.
    Everything worked fine, but when i want Raise or Lower Terrain nothing happens when i click on that. Is there some settings i need to make that im able to "paint"? I dont know where and what.

    My Unity Version is 2021.3.5f1. Maybe that Screen helps. Yes i can make a new project, but i want figure out why i can change the terrain (raise). I choose on the right Brushes and then i click on the Terrain. Before upgrade and installing Toolbox it worked..

    Thanks a lot in Advance.

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