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No matching function for call to 'bitfieldExtract' on Android.

Discussion in 'Shaders' started by hong1991, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. hong1991


    Sep 16, 2017
    uint mask = (1u << numBits) - 1u;
    uint value = (data >> offset) & mask;

    Code above seem to be optimized as an function call named 'bitfieldExtract' when shader compiling. Such function can't be found on my android phone, and so do the Mumu android simulator.

    I print some device info.

    device name: HONOR V20
    device model: HUAWEI PCT-AL10
    device type: Handheld
    device unique id: ee8b58a9d5dcb98952cd1f8beaa3d0a9
    graphics device id: 0
    graphics device name: Mali-G76
    graphics device type: OpenGLES3
    graphics device vendor: ARM
    graphics device vendor id: 0
    graphics device version: OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r14p0-00cet0.aaed0df383d0a2525289a0683711691f
    graphics memory size: 2048
    graphics multithreaded: True
    graphics shader level: 50
    graphics uv starts at top: False
    has dynamic uniform array indexing in fragment shaders: True
    has hidden surface removal on gpu: False
    max cubemap size: 4096
    max texture size: 8192
    battery level: 0.44
    battery Status: Charging
    copy texture support: Basic, Copy3D, DifferentTypes, TextureToRT, RTToTexture
    npot support: Full
    operating system: Android OS 9 / API-28 (HUAWEIPCT-AL10/173C00)
    operating system family: Other
    processor count: 8
    processor frequency: 2600
    processor type: ARMv7 VFPv3 NEON
    supported render target count: 4
    supports 2D ArrayTextures: True
    supports 32bits indexbuffer: True
    supports 3D render textures: True
    supports 3D textures: True
    supports accelerometer: True
    supports async compute(only ps4): False
    supports async gpu readback: False
    supports audio: True
    supports compute shaders: True
    supports cubemap array textures: True
    supports graphics fence(only ps4): False
    supports gyroscope: True
    supports hardware quad topology: False
    supports instancing: True
    supports location service: True
    supports mip streaming: True
    supports motion vectors: True
    supports multisample auto resolve: True
    supports multisampled textures: 1
    supports raw shadow depth sampling: True
    supports separated render target blend: False
    supports shadows: True
    supports sparse texturesFalse
    supports texture wrap mirror once: 0
    supports vibration: True
    system memory size: 7705
    unsupported id: n/a
    uses reversed z buffer: False