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[NLP to 3d\anim] Hierarchical data (XML\JSON etc) to Unity3d (TreeView etc)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IndubhushanDas, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. IndubhushanDas


    Feb 19, 2014
    Hello. I need some program to convert XML\JSON (or other "hierarchical file") into TreeView in Unity.

    First let me tell me why I want it. Then it will probably be more interesting for you to help me.
    Here is description of my purpose -
    (note: I don't ever want to earn on it. I never worked for Bazelevs company which I mentioned, as requirements very too high, and also very soon they closed the project...
    This program - "text to audiovisual sequence converter" is just my hobby. But you are welcome to participate in making such program, which I decribed in this link)

    In short, I want to use free SharpNLP to get analized English text (part-of-speech tags, hierarchy of words) - and then put that into Unity3d. I do have this work in WindowsForms, but they are absent in Unity3d. I have some subprograms, which convert my TreeView (I convert result of SharpNLP into TreeView with own script) into XML or JSON file(s).

    Then I need to open them in Unity3d. I need some xml\json (or whatever hierarchical data fileformat) reader for Unity3d. So it can read a file (generated by SharpNLP + my script outside of Unity3d), and convert its hierarchical data into TreeView.

    Well, here I stuck with two problems.
    1. XML\JSON reader. Which reader to use? I know much about XML, but very new to JSON. People say it is good. Are there any xml\json readers from file to TreeView?
    I was looking for assets for XML\JSON:

    there seem to be no free xml asset for this purpose, but there are some json. but they look same, I don't know which to choose. If anyone tried them - what can be useful for this purpose? Or there is no free solution for this?

    2. TreeView itself. It looks like there is no treeview in Unity. At least, not on player's\scene window. Only in hierarchy of objects. All right, I can make new empty gameobject, and use something like
    Code (CSharp):
    2. player.transform.SetParent(newParent);
    but that's not visible when it is compiled.

    I saw some treeview assets -
    but I don't know if I have to use any of them. I mean to buy? If yes. then which one to buy best? Is there any treeview which will get as input xml\json?

    1+2. Preference is 2-in-1 solution, when one plugin-asset can read xml\json and and have treeview in it as well. So i don't have to do all this myself, but just use available tool. Free assets are preferable, but if that;s not possible- let me know about such commercial solution. Maybe I can buy it (or if someone wants he can donate me to buy such XML\JSON+TreeView assets - they write me private message)

    P.S. Next I'll like to go through all the nodes, looking for words like "human", instantiate some human gameobject. If verb like "walk" is found - make him walk etc etc (text to speech is also to be there). Read my article in the link.

    But to make this magic work, I just need XML\JSON (or simialr) to Unity3d-TreeView. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance
  2. Brahman-Intelligence


    Jan 14, 2015
    Hello, anyone can help?

    I've bought a TreeView asset (4$) -

    I attach screenshots:

    So, what I want is to make a converter of text into a game. I have hundreds and thousands of typical phrases as input like "Hero1 killed Hero2 with Magic1" as inpit for SharpNLP. You can see what I am doing. But I now need some xml\json reader for Unity. Anyone can help with it?