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Newbie issue (I'm assuming) with player not showing in animation clips

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Tim3772, Jun 11, 2022.

  1. Tim3772


    Dec 8, 2020

    So quickly - Not a programmer, but started dabbling in Blender and 3d stuff at the beginning of the pandemic (Not a 3d artist either) and that morphed into wanting to do some unity work just to see some of what I made in a playable environment, and did a couple simple game tutorials.

    Got back into it about 2 months ago. I went as far as to create a model with a bunch of animations that I wanted to use with a 3D platformer tutorial. Basic stuff - run, jump, sword slash etc. (Actual tutorial was intended for use with supplied assets, so blender to unity workflow was not a part of it.)

    Then about two days ago, I ran into an issue that has me pulling my hair out. Did not have an issue with this 7-8 months ago (last time I did 3D stuff) and apparently it must be such a stupid issue that no one else has ever had/posted a similar issue (using the searchable terms I use?)

    Bsically, the player model is invisible in the animations. He just doesn't show up, which I didn't realize until I set up the animator. You can see in the corner of the inspector the clip shows the sword (and the sword animates throughout the clip, but the character is gone. I'm just floored because... I've spent two days making sure the blender side of things is right, but nothing... Normals are right, cleaned up animations, location, rotation, scale, etc. Nothing changes when I create his avatar.

    He shows up fine until I add animations... Just out of ideas. Hoping someone can help? Thank you!

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