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New VR massive endeavour for an unskilled dev

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by sasasamb, Dec 2, 2022.

  1. sasasamb


    Mar 19, 2020

    I am writing here as I would really like to develop a new project for an exhibition I am going to do. and I would like to believe that it is something I can do in three months exploring tutorials and lessons. There is no actual budget and the only thing I can do is to use my will.

    I have been developing since now two simple things: the first was a fps where the guy was just walking and exploring a museum, and the second one was a VR room where there was an exhibition to see.

    Now it is a bit more complicated. It is a VR multiplayer. There are three spectators, they are inside the game but they just sit and look, and there is one person that in fact is like singing and dancing. This singer/dancer should also have a mocap suite (that i will borrow). The singer is using the Meta Quest Pro, so I can aslo get the face recognition.

    So I think I should first of all select the networking solution between Netcode, Normcore, Photon and Mirror. But I think that it should be just enough for this experience. Do not need to many fancy things.

    Then I have to understand how to spawn different players every one with its own features. Maybe thre three spectators can be just head and hands while the singer needs to have a nice 3D model.

    Then I have to understand how to rig the model to the tools that the network solution gives to me. For example: I have tried with normcore, but it seems to give me just head and hands. How to develop that? Maybe normcore is already enough?

    Last but not least, how to link the meta quest pro 2 face recognition data to the virtual singer model.

    Eventually my question maybe exactly this: what would you suggest to be the correct order of tutorials and lessons to take to realise this? Like a learning path.

    I understand it is a lot to ask, I really hope you will help me to understand wether this is something achievable by a person willing to learn or if I will definitely have to ask to on a actual developer or think to something else..