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[NEW RELEASED 50 % OFF] Modular Medieval Village MegaPack

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by RogerJulio, Aug 9, 2023.

  1. RogerJulio


    Nov 11, 2019

    Available in Unity Asset Store

    Are you ready to create an enchanting medieval village? Welcome to the Modular Medieval Village MegaPack, an extraordinary asset pack that not only offers a flexible modular system and a vast collection of props, but also includes pre-built structures like a stable, windmill, blacksmith, sawmill, inn, and more; to enrich your village with essential establishments and atmospheric locations.

    ▶ Key Features: ◀

      • Flexible Modular System: Build your medieval village with ease using a versatile modular system that allows for seamless customization options. Combine walls, floors, roofs, columns, doors, windows and fences fast, using over 470 modular meshes to create unique structures tailored to your vision.

      • Pre-built Essential Establishments: Instantly populate your village with crucial structures like a stable, windmill, sawmill, blacksmith, graveyard, and inn.

      • Stunning Finished Houses: Enhance your village with 4 meticulously designed finished houses.

    • Extensive Prop Library: Over 200 different interior and exterior props meticulously crafted to capture the essence of medieval life. Our collection includes furniture, decorations, market stalls, street elements, blacksmithing assets, tools, weapons, signs, food, pottery, lighting, books, and more, all adding authenticity and vibrancy to your village.

      • Performance Optimization: Designed with performance in mind, our assets are carefully optimized to ensure smooth gameplay experiences across a variety of devices. Enjoy visually stunning medieval villages without sacrificing performance.
    Technical details:

      • Texture sizes: 2048*2048, 512*512
      • Minimum polygon count of modular pieces: 12
      • Maximum polygon count of modular pieces: 3688
      • Minimum polygon count of props: 2
      • Maximum polygon count of props: 7300
      • Number of meshes/prefabs: 670
      • Rigging: No
      • UV mapping: Yes
      • Types of materials and texture maps: PBR
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