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Question New maya pro to unity

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by SamWise98, Apr 13, 2022.

  1. SamWise98


    Apr 13, 2022

    im completely new to unity, I’ve never even touched the software before. I come from film and tv and work with Arnold renderer and primarily maya.

    I’m using unity to abuse the real time rendering ability for my portfolios. I have hundreds of scenes and characters I’d like to render for my career but I don’t have a render farm.

    I have no intention in creating games.

    I simply want to use the real time renderer and some other clever unity options.

    I would love some links to articles or tutorials (I’ll happily pay for an extended tutorial) that would help me accomplish what I am seeking.

    I’m super impatient and have kids so I can’t exactly sit and figure unity out for as long as it takes, I need a bit of help.

    thank you so much