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Feedback "new" Input System replacing old Input Manager

Discussion in 'Input System' started by uani, Dec 12, 2021.

  1. uani


    Sep 6, 2013
    So Unity announced the Input Manager was to get rid of in the next version over 2 (?) years ago only to realize its replacement wasn't production ready.

    I switched to the new Input System around 1.5 years ago, think I got a grip of it, found some bugs (which i thought were relevant for anything more advanced than just a keypress for which nIS wouldn't be needed but weren't fixed even 1 year later) and now am pondering the state of the nIS.

    I had the impression Unity let only 1 human work on the whole Input System for 3 or more years. Is the update and fix rate now < 1 year?

    The documentation of core principles was partly scattered and the API's multi-layeredness was complex - is it easy to grasp and follow now? i obviously don't bother to check.

    What do you, reader of this post, observe and feel wrt the nIS?

    Is the nIS something an inexperienced or not-multiple-PhD having "programmer" can happily easily achieve every possible scenario with fast? (because if he/she can't, why have the nIS?) Or has the time come to write for Unity to do a nIS anew? (and give them the basic information what they "only" need to offer -- the Input Manager sort of worked for 10 (?) years and assisting Assets exist(ed) I believe -- and thus should be able to deliver complete and completely working within 6 months).