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Network movement prediction

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by burnumd, May 27, 2008.

  1. burnumd


    May 27, 2008
    Hello, everyone!

    I'm pretty new to Unity and still in the phase where I'm just creating some simple scenes and trying to adapt the standard assets and tutorial materials for my own use. I'm currently working on syncing network animation and movement and I'm having trouble with the NetworkInterpolatedTransform C# script that comes with the tutorial. I've got it attached to a game object with the Third Person Controller and Third Person Network Init scripts. The only changes I made were to disable jumping in the controller and commenting out the references to the ThirdPersonSimpleAnimation in the NetworkInit script.

    When I run the scene over the network, it moves fine with the NetworkInterpolatedTransform disabled, but it's a little jerky. I'd like to get that working, but when it's enabled, the console constantly reports the following:

    "Network View synchronization of is not supported. Pack the state manually from a script."

    And remote players don't appear to move at all.

    Since that little spot in the error message is blank, I'm not certain what I'm missing. I'm not particularly adept at C# yet, so I'm not sure what component is missing from my models to allow them to work with this script. Any advice is greatly appreciated.