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Feedback Nero's Adventure Devlog#1 (A game to save the ocean)

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by FabrizioSpadaro, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. FabrizioSpadaro


    Jul 10, 2012
    Just a monthly update from the game that will hopefully make people more concerned about OCEAN POLLUTION!

    This is the first of many monthly updates from the game I'm solo working on.

    This month I focused on:
    • AI optimization using async tasks
    • level balancing
    • particles
    • team management
    • carving pumpkins
    Let's break down the major features with some sexy gifs:
    Another cleaning system

    You can now push objects towards geysers
    and they will be launched back where they belong!

    Jellyfish tentacle will target the player

    Better loading screen

    thanks to our game tester István Juhász
    for the feedback.


    those sneaky creatures will always hunt you
    and if you dare to throw waste at them,
    they will hold it with their claws.
    the graphic is just a placeholder!

    I worked hard to make a website in about 5 days and I'll be soon
    deploying it and make it accessible for everyone.

    Musicians Selection
    At the beginning of October, I started to look for a talented musician
    and I got more than 100 submissions from very talented musicians!
    I wanna take a second to thank everyone that showed up it meant a lot for me!

    Artists Selection
    I also started recruiting for 2D artists
    so if you are interested you can visit this link

    I also took some time off

    but I got so tempted to code a bit in the mountains!!

    How to support me?
    Be sure to join the discord server, where you can talk about the game, give feedback and follow each step of the development.

    My personal Twitter
    Follow the game on indiedb
    Do not throw plastic in the water
  2. FabrizioSpadaro


    Jul 10, 2012
    Welcome to the DevLog of January.
    Nero's Adventure is a 2D puzzle-platform adventure game about an Anglerfish fighting ocean pollution.

    This month I worked on:

    • Procedural stone generation
    • Bug Fix
    • AI update
    • Hook enhancement
    • Level 8
    • Procedural soundtrack generation
    Let's break down the major features:

    Level 8

    Procedural stone generation

    AI update

    AI agents will follow the player only when it's inside their sight.

    Hook enhancement

    Custom inspector to better manage and create hooks

    Procedural soundtrack generation

    Audio is a key aspect of this game, and we decided to make it procedural,

    by procedural, I mean that it will always sound different every time you listen to it,

    the system is ready, but we need to fine-tune some parameter, in the next update I

    will create an audio sample that you guys can listen to.

    See you in the next month and be sure to follow us.

    On Twitter:

    Personal: GamePage:


    Last edited: Feb 4, 2020