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Discussion Need Help with Setting Up Cloth Constraints in Unity for Goal Net

Discussion in 'Physics' started by mtwgames, Feb 1, 2024.

  1. mtwgames


    Jan 1, 2024
    Hi everyone, I'm creating a football game and need help with a specific part: the goal net. I have the goal model ready, but I'm struggling to set up the Cloth component constraints in Unity. My issue isn't with the football interaction, which I can handle, but with the net itself. It keeps falling down no matter how I try to use the constraints. I'm not familiar with how to use these constraints properly, and I don't want to spend more time fighting with it. I need someone who knows how to correctly set up these cloth constraints to make the net stay attached to the goal frame and behave realistically. If you have experience in setting up Cloth constraints in Unity and are willing to help, please contact me. I will provide the goal model, and I'm open to discussing payment for your assistance. Thanks in advance! Best, Maze

    Note: My project is 3D