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[NEED HELP] My First Project, Scrolling shooter educational game.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by cabeijo, May 23, 2016.

  1. cabeijo


    May 23, 2016
    Hello Everyone, i just started using unity a few days ago and only have read this guide
    I pretty much only get the basics (Placing Sprites, Adding Component, etc.)
    I need a few input for my first game, need this for a school project.

    So, this is pretty much how i want it to looks like.
    It's a shooter which you shoot the asteroid which match the alphabet to fill the answer box to answer the question above. I get the basic parts which is adding the objects and make it move to giving it collide box, shooting and adjusting damage.
    I get the gist that to do this i must build a script which give an alphabet attribute to each asteroid and when it's shot, they will try to match the correct alphabet in the box, starting from left. The thing is i'm a total noob in scripting since i have no programming basics. Can you please give me any pointer as to how to write the script, which to use, and so on. Any input would be very appreciated
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. rapidrunner


    Jun 11, 2008
    First step is to learn programming; there is no real work aroud. Unless you want someone that code the game for you, in which case you would have a job as designer :)

    The editor is quick to give you a fast start, but when coding, you need to know what to do.

    To break down what you need:

    1) the ship fire a projectile: learn how to instantiate at runtime a projectile object; and how to address it (there is a tutorial on the training section, that show a simple shooter mechanic)

    2) on collision with an asteroid, you need to learn how to compare the content of the "asteroid" game object, with what you need in the object "word".
    each asteroid may have a tag with an alphabet letter (bad idea), or you can have a variable in the asteroid object, that tell which letter has on it; the word object is a string; you can access the single letters of the string, so you need to have a pointer to the current letter, and compare. This is basic in programming (any language); you have a collection of characters, you want to know if another characters is the one that you are looking for. Check on youtube about how to handle lists, arrays and such.

    3) if the content match; the letter appear in the word object, and you move on; if it is wrong. the player loose a life, or whatever you want to do.

    You want to complete at least few tutorials, before even tackle a simple game like this. I bet you won't spend more than few hours learning the basics, and once you do that, you know the basics of at least 80% of the common OOP languages out there, since they all share common concepts :) And you will finish your game quicker.
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