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need help making this breakout game

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Israel_108, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Israel_108


    Nov 13, 2019
    I don't know if half the thing I want in my game is possible but let see if it is
    1.Randomly generated levels in breakout: I don't know if it possible to have that with is type of game but if it is can you tell me how to do it.
    2. camera movement: This is what I want The camera movement to be in the game can you tell me how and how to have a options to turn it of in game.
    3. score counter: I don't know what I want I just want it to be expressive like a bounding animation when the number go up.
    4. naming song and creator: I want to credit the songs and the creator in the game but I don't wont to have one song play after another I want you play one level the song plays loop's then you beat the level a new song plays on the next level I don't wont "oh I can't beat level one and the same song plays when I retire" I want you to play level one you lose you retire and a new song plays and the name a creator of the song is showed to you in the bottom right.
    5. background: This one might be easy and I just need to try but just in case I want there to be a new background for each level and not gust a bunch of picture changing every few minute one picture in the background and when you beat a level just like the music you get a new random picture in the background as you play.
    And that it if you can help tell me all help is a appreciate thanks you have a nice day
  2. JoeStrout


    Jan 14, 2011
    These are not game design questions. Please try the Getting Started forum. Also, you really should try each of these yourself, and if you get stuck, post a question about just that one, with details about what you tried, what happened, and how this is different from what you wanted/expected. Or, consider going to UnityConnect and hiring someone to do these tasks for you.
  3. Joe-Censored


    Mar 26, 2013
    1) Yes it is possible, but how you'd implement it would depend on how you'd implement much of the rest of your game. Creating a system to procedurally generate the level, where you generate the entire level based on a seed would likely be the most robust approach. Doing it that way would allow replaying of the exact same level in the future by just saving the seed. Google procedural generation for more info, as it is a complex topic.

    The system could though be made as simple as just randomly placing blocks by generating random numbers over and over, but most breakout games don't place blocks using pure randomness.

    2) You'd just have a script attached to the camera which moves and rotates it. You'd likely just move the camera by manipulating its transform.Position and then using LookAt to point the camera at the center of the area where the game takes place. You'd do that probably in LateUpdate. Manipulating a transform's position is going to be covered in many beginner tutorials and endless threads you should be able to find.

    To turn it off, you'd implement some UI menu for the player to do so (see any Unity UI tutorial series and the manual), and then you'd call some method you create on that previous camera script to tell it to stop moving the camera and to recenter it.

    3) Think more on what you want, try to find examples, try to implement it, and if you get stuck then come back with specifically what isn't working as you expected and more than likely someone will be able to help.

    4) Whoever you are licensing the music from may have requirements on what manner you should credit them. So talk to them, or look at the text of your license to the music. As far as selecting the song to play, when the level loads you could simply just choose one at random from your library of songs for the game.

    5) You can use a skybox or RawImage to display the picture, and you could simply choose the picture from all available pictures at random at the start of the level.


    I'd suggest trying to actually implement a lot of this and if you have difficulty come back with very specific problems, show your code and explain what isn't working with that code, and you'll get specific answers. Unfortunately asking vague questions only gets vague answers at best.
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