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Bug NavMeshAgent Rotates 90 Degrees on the Z axis for some reason

Discussion in 'Navigation' started by Gustavo_Playz, Mar 4, 2024.

  1. Gustavo_Playz


    Dec 10, 2020
    So I am making a game right now and while I using a navmeshagent to get the enemy to travel to certain waypoints and open doors to get to said waypoints, I encountered a very strange issue that I've never encountered before and that is sometimes on this particular waypoint it gets stuck and rotates 90 degrees on the z axis and my model just won't do anything after that, any suggestions will help as with other doors and waypoints it never seemed to do this. Here are some screenshots showing what the bug looks like and what it's normally supposed to look like (it only happens sometimes at random).
    Bug (the top image with the model lying down)
    What's normally supposed to happen (the model standing up normally).
    Game Bug.png whats normally ment to happen.png