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Question NaN Values and Strange PhysicsVelocity Behaviour

Discussion in 'Physics for ECS' started by Santonian, Oct 28, 2022.

  1. Santonian


    Sep 23, 2020
    Hi everybody,

    I just started using physics in my dots project. The reason is, that I want to do area raycasts and as far as I understood, I need a physics body component for that on my entity.
    anyhow, what you can see on this screen is my simple setup. The gray prototype tiles on the floor are all entities with a physic shape, The gray tiles on top of the floor are just an entity without any physic components. The yellow wall thing has a physic shape and a dynamic physic body. What is strange here is, that the numbers of Physic Velocity are jumping around. I should have taken a video, but they are constantly changing to totally different values. That does not look correct, but at least I can see my Wall Entity in the World.


    What is even more strange, when I instantiate more walls into the world, most (if not all of them) don't get rendered into the world at all, and this is what I can see in the inspector. A lot of NaN on different Componenten and the Physics Velocity has an ever-decreasing Linear Y Value


    Aside from the collision Filter, I did not assign any values to the physic collider and the physic body. I just used the default values. These are the Shape and Body of my prefab I instantiate my Entities from prefab-physiccomponents.png

    I am using Entities 0.51.1-preview.21
    Unity Physics 0.51.1-preview-21

    and Unity 2021.3.11

    When I use static physic Body, everything is rendered fine, but I can not hit them with my area raycast.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to fix this problem?

    help is greatly appreciated