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Unity's version control component has been upgraded to Plastic SCM.

My main issue with Plastic SCM

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by osterzone, Feb 27, 2022.

  1. osterzone


    Sep 17, 2019
    Hi all,

    Not sure if there is actually a super simple solution to this problem.

    I have successfully migrated my project to Plastic SCM from Collaborate. However the thing I liked about collaborate was i could read all of my "comments" about what I changed in that particular version.

    Now using Plastic SCM, it offers only one line of text which truncates my comments (i sometimes write a full paragraph so I can refer to it in the future) and makes it impossible for me to read the entirety of what I wrote. Is there a way to display the comments fully? Thanks
  2. Danny327


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 4, 2021

    If you have the GUI client installed, you can check the full comments in the changesets panel.
    Please see the screenshot below to locate the panel in the client.
  3. ippdev


    Feb 7, 2010
    What is this GUI client. If it is some external app then this sux and I want Collab back because faulty as that was this is a time sucking unintuitive black hole. I now have a roundabout connection timeout error that says go and change the server and client settings..WHERE???! Every ten seconds it pops up. And don't you dare tell me to file a bug report and slog this off. I have been down that route many times and it is just a sidestep of responsibility. Tell us on the forums this is effed or tell us how to fix it without an external app involved. I did not sign up for this crap. It was shoved down my throat. The forum is full of folks peeved at your software gobbling up their worktime and projects access.