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Feedback My experience with the documentation has been disastrous

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by pairayd, Nov 9, 2022.

  1. pairayd


    Nov 9, 2022
    Started experimenting with Unity today, and my experience with the documentation has been disastrous. Here's what it was like:

    I start going through Unity Essentials and find a handful of minor errors. After a few of these, I click on to the comments to see if no one's pointed it out yet. It was. A year ago. Okay, whatever, the errors are small; not really getting in the way that much. Not much longer I realise Unity Essentials isn't the best style of documentation for me, anyway.

    I decide to just jump right in. Let's move a circle. I open the Unity Manual, click Input, see that there's two system, one of which is designed in a way that I'd end up implementing myself if I used the other way, so I go with that one: Input System. As I'm reading the documentation, I arrive at which has a code comment referring to a "Generate Interfaces" checkbox that I haven't seen anywhere. Looking back at previous versions of the documentation, it appears to have existed in version 0.2, and was removed by version 0.9. So outdated documentation from before a 0.x release is still present for a 1.x release. Wondering to myself, why in the world does none of this documentation ever get fixed? I set off to report it and get it fixed.

    I open up the Issues for InputSystem on github, and see an issue saying to use the bug reporter instead, with a link to Bug Reporter for web documentation seems a bit odd, but the bug reporting documentation does mention "Documentation" under "Which Type of Issue is it?" so Bug Reporter it is. I pull up the bug reporter, select the dropdown for the issue type, and there's no "Documentation" option! The documentation for how to report documentation errors has an error! Okay, whatever, I'll report it anyway by choosing some other option . . . or not, because it won't let me. My description isn't long enough, even though I was already more detailed than necessary.

    I now have an answer to my question: why in the world does none of this documentation ever get fixed? It's because it's a huge ordeal just to report a mistake.

    Edit: Oh yeah, also the Kart microgame also had some inaccuracies in built-in tutorial, such as referring to things labelled differently from what the tutorial said they'd be.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2022