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Question Multiple Problems with Unity. Please help.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Deleted User, Aug 14, 2021.

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    I've just started using unity after I watched a YouTube tutorial on it and wanted to learn the basics. My experience with unity has been a nightmare. I don't know why it's so buggy but not even the installation that comes with unity hub worked correctly, I could not find the Rigidbody/Rigidbody 2D component and in the package manager all the built-in packages had the "You do not have entitlements for this package" error. I managed to fix that by downloading the 2019.4 LTS installation but it took 7 re-installs for me to figure that out. Now after doing all that unity refuses to allow me to edit the color of a material I create, mind that before when I had the installation that come with unity hub this was possible. When I click the color picker the inspector just goes blank and the on the bottom left hand corner appears "MethodAccessException: Requires Team License". I'm almost done with Unity at this point, I've lost almost 7-10 hours trying to troubleshoot it to no avail instead of actually learning stuff. Plus I can't even get the license to work properly. I go to license management I click Activate New License and there always appears "Failed to reach license server", I also tried the manual activation but then "Failed to save the License File" appears.