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Multiplayer via UMTS ... and iPhone multiplayer ;-)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by jashan, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. jashan


    Mar 9, 2007
    I know a few people who play WoW via UMTS. It's not the greatest experience but it seems to work "well-enough", at least if the UMTS network is not overcrowded.

    Since I did some networking with GPRS a long time ago, I would have never thought this to be possible. I remember that with GPRS, even starting a connection would take a couple of seconds.

    But it seems that UMTS is different. If MMO-style multiplayer in general would work on UMTS, that would have rather interesting implications for iPhone games ;-)

    Is there any vague kind of time-frame for when Unity networking will be available for the iPhone? I'm not talking about a release date, more something like "possibly this year, not this year ... we're not that interested in porting Raknet to the iPhone" or something like that (of course, "possibly this year" would my preferred answer ;-) ).

    Reason is because I'd like to create a networked iPhone version of Traces of Illumination that interoperates with the desktop version - but since I have all the networking already in place with RPCs, I'd rather not have to switch to another approach (porting to iPhone is troublesome enough without that ;-) ).

    Of course, for ToI, I primarily have WiFi in mind ... if UMTS works, cool - but if it doesn't, I wouldn't mind much. I just think that if UMTS works for WoW, having networked games that work with UMTS should be not totally impossible as I originally thought (maybe for ToI, since it's heavily action based ... but for other games). And in that case, Unity networking for iPhone would be pretty cool ;-)