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Bug Multiplayer Playmode does not update assembly properly

Discussion in 'Multiplayer Tools' started by Yoraiz0r, Jul 10, 2023.

  1. Yoraiz0r


    Apr 26, 2015
    Using Unity 2023.1.3f1 and MPPM 0.1.1, I made a brand new project and enabled "enter play mode options" in the project settings Editor tab. I then proceeded to enable a "Player 2" Editor and entered playmode for good measure to check that everything works as designed.

    My project only has one script, with a simple Start method of Debug.Log("hi A");

    I have updated the A to B and waited for the editor to finish reloading domain, entered play mode... and while the main editor shows "B", the "player 2" editor still shows "A". This persists even if I try to leave and enter playmode numerous times.

    Changing B to C will still result in the main window printing C, and the "player 2" window printing A.

    Enabling domain reload, saving the project, and pressing play, does not resolve this issue.

    Restarting the player2 window after enabling Domain reload works as designed, with the text changing due to domain reload on every enter-play session, I assume.

    Is there any way to make the extra editor windows reload domain when the main editor does, to allow disabling domain reload, for faster iteration times, please?
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