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Bug MRTK2 Bounds Control Constraint Manager for Move Axis constraint not working in Unity

Discussion in 'AR' started by RendergonPolygons, Dec 14, 2022.

  1. RendergonPolygons


    Oct 9, 2019
    In a hololens2 device I want for the user to be able to point and touch a bounding box but not scale/translate/rotate it. I'm working on Unity 2022.1.24 with MRTK

    I add a Bounds Control component to the object that holds the following components: a collider and the Constrain Manager component that has a RotationAxisContraint for all=XYZ. I've also constrained scale to 1. However picking the bounding box from the corners allows the user to move the bounding box. How can I stop this translation of bounding box from happening?

  2. andyb-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 10, 2022
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