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Feedback [MPPM] DOTS issues

Discussion in 'Multiplayer Tools' started by WAYNGames, Nov 11, 2023.

  1. WAYNGames


    Mar 16, 2019

    I'm learning multiplayer game dev with Unity DOTS (Netcode for Entities, ECS, Burst).

    I'm facing some issues when using those in conjunction with the MPPM Package.

    I've already seen some threads about it but there are rather old so I thought I'd start a new one to share my experience and issues.

    I'm using unity 2023.2.0b16 with :
    • "com.unity.burst": "1.8.10",
    • "com.unity.entities": "1.0.16",
    • "": "1.0.16",
    • "com.unity.netcode": "1.0.17",
    • "com.unity.physics": "1.0.16",
    • "com.unity.multiplayer.playmode": "0.5.0",
    I just have the com.unity.netcode as a local package to fix this issue :

    MPPM and Burst

    I'm having issue starting the other client when burst compilation is enabled.
    It seems to lock or go into a timeout or something.
    Some time it works after a long time, other it does not.

    I find it much more reactive and reliable when disabling burst compilation.

    MPPM and Entities

    The ability to display the hierarchy and inspector is great for game object.
    But we can't display any entities related windows (system, hierarchy).

    That's all I have with my limited experience for now but I'll update the thread if I find anything else.