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Feedback More simple options at Exporting package dialog

Discussion in 'Editor Workflows' started by Marcos-Elias, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. Marcos-Elias


    Nov 1, 2014
    I miss some really simple but time saver options on the Exporting package window. I use it everyday in my workflow. With these options I could be saving some hours within a few years. What do you think about including some of it in future updates? For large projects they would be so useful:

    * Context menu on selected objects on the Project window: "Export package (without dependencies)". This would help exporting just selected assets, scenes, materials, prefabs etc, without waiting too long for the dependency checker just to disable "Include dependencies" after it finishes... I use it everyday to export changed scenes from my main development window to the Android or iOS versions, so I waste much time waiting due to dependency checking. I don't like copying scene files via the operating system's file manager due to the chance of breaking something.

    * Together with "All" and "None" buttons at the Exporting package window, it would be great having items as "Scripts only"; "No scripts"; "Materials only"; or better: a filter to select which type of asset to include or not, like the one on the Project window. This way we could easily share artistic things with all dependencies but no scripts, instead of unckecking one by one... Another desire: multi-select filter (maybe holding Ctrl while clicking on the list?).

    Probably a lot of people using Unity editor would benefit from these features too.

    I wish these simple features because I have separated folders for each platform and/or also separated project folders for different Unity versions for testing. I find it way faster to maintain all versions of my game. When I do a change, I just export the package for the other version. Better than switching platform, better than source control (it's faster to update changed things on local machine or share with a partner). Better than source control specially during tests, when I am not sure if that change will be permanent to be included there.


    Is it possible achieving it via custom editor scripts? If so, that would be great too.