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Modernizing Kinematica

Discussion in 'Animation Previews' started by florianhanke, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. florianhanke


    Jun 8, 2018
    As announced in this post, Kinematica won't receive any updates in 2021.

    So I'm trying to get it up to date for the latest Collections package etc. The code was doable (mainly NativeString64 -> FixedString64, UnsafeUtilityEx -> UnsafeUtility, rewriting NativeString64 serialization).

    But for some strange reason, I am not getting the

    [MenuItem(("Window/Animation/Kinematica Asset Builder"))]
    anymore. (But no errors)

    Has anyone else tried to modernize Kinematica?

    I am using Unity 2020.2.1f with a modified Kinematica 0.8.0.
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  2. simonaaitor


    Sep 8, 2020
    Didn't even try. I wish they had at least decided to update the packages dependencies, just keeping up to date would be enough, not asking for any new features. I can't understand why they would stop updating the package for more than one year. I know we should not use preview packages for anything other than testing, but this is too sad. If you want to use any new feature/package version you need to have your fingers crossed...

    They already said they would not be fixing any bugs so I guess this won't get anywhere but still...
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