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Showcase MockAR - Debugging ARFoundation Projects inside of the Unity Editor

Discussion in 'AR' started by FrankvHoof, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. FrankvHoof


    Nov 3, 2014
    Introducing: MockAR

    Are you creating an ARFoundation-related Game?
    Are you tired of having to create a build to test out every small change you make?
    Is testing taking up valuable time and resources?

    Try MockAR to speed up your development!

    What is MockAR?
    MockAR is a toolkit that allows you to try out your ARFoundation-Apps and -Games in a Mocked Environment inside of the Unity Editor. Using the toolkit allows you to skip the build-process when testing out changes to your apps, making debugging quick and easy.

    How does it work?
    MockAR uses a Mocked Device in a Mocked Environment in order to forward data from a Unity Scene to ARFoundation. From a user's perspective, this means that ARFoundation runs as it would on a device, directly in the Play Mode of the Unity Editor.

    Which features are available?
    - Device Movement
    - Plane Tracking
    - Point Clouds
    - Anchors
    - Light Estimation
    - Environment Probes (This feature is currently bugged and disabled in v1.0)
    - Face Tracking
    - 2D Image Tracking
    - 3D Object Tracking
    - Meshing
    - Raycasting
    - Pass-Through Video

    Is MockAR right for me?
    MockAR can be used by anyone who creates Unity Applications using ARFoundation.
    It is designed to be as lightweight as possible, while also being highly extendable with custom settings and/or code to fit a developer's needs when debugging.

    What does Lightweight yet Extendable mean?
    An example of this is Meshing. MockAR by default returns a full mesh as soon as it has been discovered by the mocked device. Meshes do not 'Update over Time', as they do with an actual device. This is a decision made to minimize the overhead for the toolkit during usage.
    Code is available to make specific meshes update every frame (or when visible), and users can further extend the Mocked Mesh-class in order to implement code which alters the mesh itself over time.

    Where can I get MockAR?
    Find MockAR on the Unity AssetStore

    My Website
  2. FrankvHoof


    Nov 3, 2014

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