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Mobile Linear Rendering in b7

Discussion in '5.5 Beta' started by AlkisFortuneFish, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. AlkisFortuneFish


    Apr 26, 2013
    Just spotted on the change log that rendering in linear colour space is now supported on Android GLES3 and iOS Metal.

    This is big news and there seems to have been very little mention of it anywhere else, it hasn't even moved out of the "Development" category on the roadmap, so is there a catch?

    Is there anything we should know about before switching to it?
  2. groovounet


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 15, 2013

    Yes linear rendering is support for Android (4.3+) with OpenGL ES 3.0 and for iOS (8+) with Metal since Unity 5.5b5.

    It implies that if you want to use linear rendering on mobile, you won't be able to ship the project on devices that don't support OpenGL ES 3.0 on Android and that doesn't support Metal on iOS.

    The reason is that there is no fallback from linear rendering to gamma rendering so the game would look ridiculously wrong on OpenGL ES 2.0 devices. The game needs to be re-authored.

    Unity editor automatically display prevents building linear rendering games in the player settings if the necessary restrictions haven't been set (on iOS: selecting the iOS 8 has minimum version and removing OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics API; on Android selecting Android 4.3 has minimum version and removing OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics API). There are explicit messages in the editor so that there is not ambiguity about what to do. This allows settings the proper filters for Android and iOS stores so that only the users that have compatible devices will see the game in the store.

    I am planning to write a blog post near the release of 5.5.0 but this is about everything there is to know.