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Feedback Mobile Co-location asset for Unity

Discussion in 'VR' started by kukewilly, Aug 10, 2022.


Would you experiment with this asset for your application?

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  1. kukewilly


    Jan 3, 2019
    Over the last year I've been developing a game asset and mobile system that can co-locate any number of players in a space pretty quickly/effectively (fraction of a second). This is done using an external camera mod that snaps onto the HMD and plugs into the USB-C. The camera feed is accessible to players in-game and allows them to co-locate to the scene they're in at will by looking at a marker placed in the middle of the room. A VR game that implements this asset would allow their players to gather anywhere with space and co-locate on multiplayer maps against/with other players using the same system but in other areas around the world. The system builds to an android .apk so it works on Oculus and Vive.

    I think it would apply great for e-sports because as long as the players have the camera mod and the marker printed they can take the "map" anywhere with internet that isn't in direct sunlight, then just put it on the ground and go nuts with a few friends (or alone) on maps against other players doing the same thing. It makes large scale shared-space VR much more accessible and affordable long term, and platforms the content that players already love playing (which I think is something LBE VR is really missing, it's too expensive to play long term and you can't access popular content).

    So my ask for feedback is: Do you think multiplayer VR games, or any devs working on share-space experiences would be interested in implementing a mobile co-location asset like this?

    What do you see as issues?