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Moab Terrain [Released]

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by ConjureScape, May 23, 2019.

  1. ConjureScape


    Feb 14, 2013
    Hey guys.
    We are proud to introduce this terrain, Moab.
    Asset store link:

    Moab Terrain
    This environment package is ideal for your adventure missions on desktop platforms. It is highly configurable and the assets look perfect from close up making it ideal for first person games. The Unity terrain blends seamless into a low poly surrounding mesh, which in turn blends seamless into a terrain baked onto the skybox to create the feeling of an endless landscape of mountainous dunes.

    Geology: Undulating Aeolian Sandstone
    This curvy and undulating terrain is the result of wind and water erosion of lithified sand dunes of an ancient coastal margin. Their irregular nature reflects the interaction of erosion processes cutting thru the layered and waveform dune bedrock. Flash flooding events also contribute to the incising of narrow slot.

    A set of 9 rocks and boulders.These are claystone rocks and works well on mountainous parts of your scene. All rocks are low poly with multiple LODs and mobile ready with high res textures in case you need close up approaches.

    Geology - Rocks: Sandstone, sandstone remnants
    Sandy ridge capping boulders and wind-etched arches are exposed along sand swept dunes of desolate landscapes. Thin quartz veining give a linear texture to the rocks and combine to create weather resistant layers and intersections. This rock fabric lends to the formation of arches and over-steepened rock faces. Nearby slopes are strewn with the granular remnants of this weathering bedrock.

    A set of game ready props modelled to create an adventure atmosphere. The ruins you find are, 3 x broken down stoned walls, 2 x broken windmills, 2 x semi-broken vases, 2 x old tree stumps and a caravan. All props are low poly with multiple LODs and mobile ready with high res textures in case you are targeting high end devices.

    The vegetation has been designed specifically for this arid terrain with 5 x aloe trees, 2 x marula trees, a whitebark plant, 4 x prickly pears, 5 x tall cacti and one round cactus, 4 x thorn trees, 2 x edelweiss, 2 x dry leafy plants and a few tall and short grass.

    Multiple terrains:
    This terrain is part of a huge set of terrains. By adding more terrains you can add multiple levels to your game. Each terrain will have a similar design style and similar performance specifications. See a complete list of available terrains here:

    Top-up on assets:
    We have created a huge database of assets. You can add more props, trees, vegetation, rocks and boulders to your terrain. All assets have been designed with the same style and is fully compatible with this terrain. For a list of additional assets follow the following links:

    Props: see a complete list here:
    Trees and vegetation: see a complete list here:
    Rocks and Boulders: see a complete list here:
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