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Missing interactive tutorial

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by unity_xqOjYI1c8nJb2A, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. unity_xqOjYI1c8nJb2A


    Jul 17, 2018
    So I'm trying to get into unity and tried starting with this tutorial:

    It references the "Learn area" inside the app.

    This is what my app looks like:

    (Getting started is just some video player)

    Maybe update the documentation to make it clear how to find this in a new installation as I'm assuming people like me who just downloaded the app and never used it before are the target audience here.
  2. Baste


    Jan 24, 2013
    You've downloaded a really old version of Unity. The tutorial you're referencing is "checked with version 2017.3", while you've downloaded 5.4 (says so in the toolbar), which is well over two years old. They hadn't made the Learn section of the Unity launcher back then, that's a pretty recent addition.

    If you grab the latest version from here, you should be good. To be completely sure that everything matches the tutorial, you can get 2017.3 from here.