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Third Party (Mirror)NetworkServer.Spawn() ONLY works on host

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by maorachow, Aug 4, 2023.

  1. maorachow


    Dec 12, 2021
    I was trying to make players spawn objects on the server. I tested the code but I found that when I joined the gameplay scene as a host, the object-creating function worked well, but when I join the scene as a client, the object-creating function was broken and no objects are spawned. There were no log errors but the objects just can't spawn. In the client's camera view I saw that the host player successfully created the object but when the client player called the same command, It didn't work. I wonder why ONLY hosts can use command to spawn objects and clients can't.
    Code (CSharp):
    1. [Command]
    2.     public void CmdCreateBody(){
    3.           if(snakeBodies.Count>0){
    5.              GameObject a=Instantiate(snakeBodyPrefab,snakeBodies[snakeBodies.Count-1].GetChild(0).GetChild(0).position,transform.rotation);
    6.              a.GetComponent<SnakeBodyMove>().ownerPlayer=this.gameObject;
    7.                 a.transform.position=snakeBodies[snakeBodies.Count-1].GetChild(0).GetChild(0).position;
    8.                 a.transform.rotation=transform.rotation;
    9.            snakeBodies.Add(a.transform);
    10.            NetworkServer.Spawn(a,a.GetComponent<NetworkIdentity>().assetId);
    11.             createBody=false;  
    12.             }else{
    14.                 GameObject a=Instantiate(snakeBodyPrefab,transform.GetChild(0).position,transform.rotation);
    15.                  a.GetComponent<SnakeBodyMove>().ownerPlayer=this.gameObject;
    16.                 a.transform.position=transform.GetChild(0).position;
    17.                 a.transform.rotation=transform.rotation;
    18.             snakeBodies.Add(a.transform);
    19.             NetworkServer.Spawn(a,a.GetComponent<NetworkIdentity>().assetId);
    20.             createBody=false;  
    21.             }
    23.     }