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Milky: Glass Shader out now

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by gamedropper, Oct 28, 2022.


Wich next feature shuld i work on first

  1. Screen Space Refraction

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  2. Shader Graph nodes

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  3. Somthing else (feature request)

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  1. gamedropper


    May 3, 2021

    • PBR: Supports Physics Based Rendering
    • Transparency: Objects behind the Glass stay visible
    • Refraction: Objects behind the Glass get offset based on the Normal Texture
    • Roughness Blur: If the Glass isn't Smooth, it applies a blur effect to objects behind it.
    • Volumetric Depth Blur: Objects closer to the glass get blurred less, similar to a 'depth of field' effect, giving the shader a more grounded look.
    • Performant: With Three performance tiers this shader is up for just about any challenge.
    • Custom Editor Window: Take ultimate control with a Custom Editor Window made just for this shader.
    • Fast Glass: Create a Glass Shader that will even run on Mobile.
    • Standard Glass: Get the best of both worlds: Performance and Visual Fidelity.
    • High-Definition Glass: Generate stunning Glass Effects, that look just like in real life.
    • Build-In and URP support: Works perfectly fine in not only Build-In but also URP!
    • Documentation: A fully-fledged documentation to get you started with everything the package has to offer and is going to have to offer.
    • Constant Updates: The shader is always being kept up-to-date and extended with new features.
    • Support: Ever need help? No problem, just mail me under

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