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Migrating Confusion

Discussion in 'Windows' started by yuchting, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. yuchting


    Aug 12, 2012
    To Unity Tech:

    I use the Unity develop game for 2+ years, for android and ios developing even if blackberry, but now, I cannot migrating our game to WP8.

    Unity .Net runtime seems using WP8 .Net framework, it doesn't support many APIs, such as
    System.Net.Sockets (BlackBerry do not realized)

    You know, I had developed for many other mobile platform, mostly APIs are supported very well, in fact, Unity Tech wrote script interpreter by C/C++ to explain C# assembly dll, right?

    Here's question, why does Unity Tech give up same method and select to use WP8 .Net runtime directly?

    In my opinion, it may be harder to write another proxy runtime for WP8 than using WP8 own directly, oh, come on~ Unity is a big company now, making developer easier for migrating is a good way to earn user.

    Microsoft causes that? Maybe, MS is bigger company to press another smaller companies, but in history, its partners almost had no good end :p

    As a indie game developer, I haven't more budget to promote my game, so, avoid to compete with big game company, I selected export game to many platform, google play, appstore, blackberry, samsung... except WP8.

    If I miss something important or make wrong for it, please tell me, I need your help.
  2. Aurimas-Cernius


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 31, 2013
    There are multiple reasons for this:
    - On WP8 .NET is not the only thing, that lacks APIs, many Windows API functions are missing too. For this reason porting Mono to WP8 was very problematic, some required thing were simply impossible to do (no OS API at all)
    - Using Microsoft .NET makes it easy to write plugins that use platform APIs. You can write plugin in C#.

    Besides, we provide WinRTLegacy.dll, which brings back some of the commonly used APIs. System.IO.FileStream is there in upcomming 5.0, somethings (like large part of System.Xml) ir available in older Unity releases.
  3. yuchting


    Aug 12, 2012
    I am watching Unity developing always.
    Now you are moving your focus from .Net to IL2CPP general middle-ware to provide a better runtime to C#.
    That's great!

    I have used the least Unity 5.3.3 to export our game to Windows App Store(UAP SDK) as IL2CPP.