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Might Magic 10: Children of the Void

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by Sean Hall, May 14, 2012.

  1. Sean Hall

    Sean Hall

    Apr 26, 2012
    Might and Magic X will be the tenth installment of the famous RPG series, and will take place on the planet Axeoth, on the continent where Heroes IV was set, 15 years after the Reckoning of Enroth.


    To continue the lost stories of the original Might and Magic Universe and the mysterious Ancients!


    Might Magic X: Children of the Void is a computer-based, first-person role playing game. M&MX will canonically connect to and continue the stories and lore from MM9 (The Writ of Fate) and Heroes IV (Untitled). The setting of the lands of M&MX will be the same as Heroes IV on the planet Axeoth, and will incorporate elements of both Heroes IV and MM9. Upon its completion, M&MX will be released for free, downloadable distribution, solely online, and will be designed to run on the Windows platform in English.

    General information:

    The Might and Magic series was originally created by Jon Van Caneghem of New World Computing in 1986, with the release of Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. The series abruptly ended in 2003 with the game, Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War, when 3DO (NWC's parent company) filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Might and Magic was later sold to Ubisoft Entertainment, circa 2006, where they are continuing to develop the franchise alongside Nival Interactive. As of 2011, King's Bounty: Legions, and Might Magic Heroes VI are to be released.

    Legal Disclaimer:

    The brand "Might Magic" is a registered trademark of Ubisoft Entertainment, with all legal rights to the brand obtained by Ubisoft from 3DO and New World Computing.

    The developers of M&MX fully recognizes Ubisoft's ownership of the brand and respects that Ubisoft has the right to override this project if it conflicts with their business agenda in any way, but we hope they will fully support us in our endeavors.

    Team Overview:

    Might and Magic X is brought to you by the MMX Design Team. For more information, please contact the producers of MMX: (Alamar), (Vector)

    Might Magic X: Children of the Void (M&MX) is an entirely nonprofit and fan based computer game RPG development project, based on the award-winning Might and Magic series originally designed by New World Computing, 3DO, and currently owned, all rights reserved, by Ubisoft Entertainment. The developers of M&MX have no affiliation whatsoever with New World Computing, 3DO, and Ubisoft Entertainment, and are an independent group of game developers with the sole purpose of gaining experience in the field of game design, while creating a brand new game that will act as a fan made continuation of the famous Might and Magic series.

    Team Listing

    Project Leader:
    • Ari Wigdor

    Level Design Department:

    Landmass Designers:
    • Alvaro Gutierrez Lorenzo
    • Brandon Broadstone
    • Corry Hinks
    3D Modellers:
    • Sean Hall
    • Carl "Bizz" Terney
    • Christian Boyd Key
    • Rich Potter
    2D Concept Artists:
    • Will Dudla
    • Paul Kanthall
    • Reese Holland
    • Stanley Vay
    Graphic Design Department:
    • Bryce Booher [CA]
    • Farisai Makuto [CA]
    • Marko Markovic [CA]
    • Mirachandra Klostermann [CA]
    • Morgan Enns [CA]
    • Sam Mardon [CA]

    Programming Department:
    • Christian Howe
    • Felix Bruckner
    • Jimmy Granger
    Sound Design Department:
    • Ryan Smith [SD]
    • Pierre-Olivier Laliberté [SD]
    • Jackson Marriott [SD]
    • Andrew Riechel [Music]
    • Jorem Lim [Music]
    • Tobias Mesch [Music]
    • Ari Wigdor
    • Jonathan Morgantini
    • Richard Veysey
    • Robert Lakatos
    • Ekrem Atamer
    • Xel
    • Nikolai Pushnoy
    • Aaron Hobson
    • Robert Smith
    • Vector
    • Anie Miles

    Note: This thread was remade because of people posting 20 messages telling us something we already know, we understand the risk we are taking and we will be making this game to a point where we will pitch it to Ubisoft though our contact, if we get the green light then happy days. if not, we will change things to avoid copyright infringement. Please do not post a message regarding this. Thank you.

    Please take the time to give us feedback as we like to hear what other developers think. Thank you.


    Lysander Gryphonheart
    King of Palaedra

    Long ago, necromancers attacked Lysander's family when he was a child, killing his parents and separating him from his siblings. He was wounded during the attack, and paralyzed for several years. A childhood of impotence has driven this young man to perform great deeds that have culminated in his founding of the Kingdom of Palaedra.

    To this day, King Lysander continues to rule Palaedra and its provinces with incredible honor. He has brought the lands of Palaedra into a new era of expansion and prosperity, gathering resources from the land in preparation to forge an empire. Lysander has no regrets, but one strong desire. Aside from the growth of the world into a brand new age, Lysander seeks to find his long lost siblings. By but one small hint in the words of the great Oracle of the Dawn years ago, Lysander believes his brothers and sisters are still out there, somewhere. His hopes to someday find them is a blazing passion he keeps hidden from most.
    Oracle of the Dawn
    The Holy Witch of the Light

    The Oracle of the Dawn lives in a temple that overlooks the horizon in the wilderness beyond he Kingdom of Palaedra. She is the wisest sage in this land and many look to her for answers, as she seems to have a connection to the Universe. Some speak of her using the title the "Holy Witch of Light," because she is believed to practice forbidden magics in the same league as witchcraft, but uses her powers to help travelers who pass her tests and make it all the way to stand before her. She deals with Saints and Souls, and she also knows the ways of Dark Magic, although she has never had to use her powers for violence, because none have wished ill upon her.

    She makes her home at the top of a mountain that borders the great kingdoms of Palaedra and Great Arcan. It is a long journey to her location, and only the bravest, most dedicated and purest of heart will ever stand a chance of reaching her. The Oracle is human, but she has knowledge that far surpasses most mortals. She is a key figure in your ultimate quest to save the lands of Iranese and the rest of Axeoth. Her mystic way of speaking may leave you lost and confused, but you will find the true meaning of her wisdom when the time is ripe.
    The Goddess of Nature

    Igdrasa, also known as Igdra, is the Goddess of Nature and the Mother of the Gods. She was among the ranks of the Hall of the Gods in Arslegard City before she was kidnapped by a powerful giant, Yanmir, and imprisoned in his fortress.

    In MMIX, you have defeated Yanmir, and his body plunged into the ocean below, on the coasts of Frosgard. Unfortunately what you did not know is that Igdra was a prisoner at the upper level of Yanmir's Fort, as well as Ratatosk. You were too busy rescuing the children of Frosgard from being eaten by Yanmir, which is a noble and urgent task, so you have been forgiven by Krohn, King of the Gods.

    Another misfortune is that Yanmir has not died. He survived the fall and made preparations to transfer the prisoners, Igdra and Ratatosk, from his fortress to another one across the oceans from Rysh on the continent of Iranese. This other fortress is much more secure and powerful, and is guarded by giants of equal and greater power than Yanmir himself, making it hundreds of times more dangerous.

    May Krohn himself watch over you on your quest to save the Gods...
    Sheltem the Dark
    Misguided Mechanism of the Ancients

    Across the starry void above Xeen lay the remains of two arch nemeses: Corak and Sheltem. Did you really expect them to float for eons to come? No, as a matter of fact, the Ancients had learned of Corak’s destruction, as they tracked their Coraks well. After the fact, reports had soon come in that two of the Ancients’ androids were decimated in a faraway sector of the galaxy near the Xeen project.

    It took a while, but the Ancients had sent forth a salvage vessel to clean the remains of Corak and Sheltem. They had hoped to study Sheltem further to prevent any future malfunctions and perfect the technology of the Sheltem android. The vessel collected Sheltem’s remains and rebuilt him on the way to their nearest base.

    Unbeknownst to the Ancients, after he was rebuilt, Sheltem managed to escape once again. And so continues the hunt for the dark warrior who has sworn vengeance upon the Ancients for separating him from his rightful home world, Terra, a little blue planet far across the stars.
    Nicolai Ironfist
    King of Mendossus, Prince of Enroth

    It's been 15 years since the Reckoning of Enroth and since Prince Nicolai Ironfist teleported from the grounds of Castle Ironfist to the faraway town of Drangheim on Rysh, Axeoth. Nicolai has since then gone on to overthrow the evil King Ichvan XII of Mendossus and liberate the people of the towns Ronenhall, Heronport, Lachmon Cove, Farndale, A'Rikdun, and Minespring located on the vast country of Mendossus. Ichvan XII had been conscripting soldiers to fight a false battle across the Verhoffin Sea against the people of Chedian. No one knows what had become of the missing soldiers, but Ichvan XII's reign of terror has ended, and Nicolai Ironfist, leader of the Mendossan Resistance, has claimed the throne of Mendossus in Ronenhall, and now has established a strong relationship with the Jarls of Chedian.

    In the lands of Chedian, where MM9 left us hanging, Jarl Kira the Cold and Jarl Bjarni Thorvaldssen have been wed, and their daughter, Hyjaratti Bjarnidotir, is 15 years old and still learning the ways of the Chedian people. King Ironfist has spent time training her at the request of Jarl Kira the Cold, and they have taken a liking to each other. Perhaps Nicolai will bring her along on his journey across the oceans to Iranese.

    Who knows what is in store for these powerful, noble heroes? Maybe Tim Lang, lead designer of MM9, will reveal their true destinies in MMX...!

    Environment Art:



    Last edited: May 14, 2012
  2. Zethariel1


    Mar 21, 2012
    Cool stuff. Why not ask Ubisoft right away and save yourself quarelling with others?

    Since this is a computer game, I believe that they'll decline. But who knows!
  3. Sean Hall

    Sean Hall

    Apr 26, 2012
    We can, but it would be best to save it to when we have something to show for our work. Anyway Ubisoft already know about our project as they are watching it though our facebook page. Although we already know this so will know one else post abut this issue. Thank you.