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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Guest

    I am very interested in implementing midi with this engine for music visualization. Is this possible using unity's built in scripting?
  2. NicholasFrancis


    Apr 8, 2005
    It can very likely be done, but is not so simple... Could you elaborate a bit on what you have in mind?

    Do you want to read an incoming midi signal, output a midi signal?
  3. Ian



    I want to use the visuals to supplement live music and installation art, so I only need to use MIDI as an input. Theres already a lot of programs designed for this, but none of them implement 3d very well, especially not with shaders and physics.

    If anyone who knows programming better than I could tell me what language/approach would be best, it would help me a lot.

    Check out to see whats already out there.
  4. Rune Kaagaard

    Rune Kaagaard

    Jun 28, 2005
    Hi Ian

    That's a tricky problem, I went through some of the same considerations when I wanted to control behaviors of flocking insects with midi and microphone input. Two of the programs (which you probably already know) I considered was:

    MaxMSP/Jitter. The program I ended up doing it with. I coded the flock in javascript and did the graphics in Jitter with OpenGL. But of course I couldn't get the same visual superiority that Unity delivers.

    pd/gem/pmpd. pd is the open source version of MaxMsp. gem equals Jitter. pmpd is a collection of physical modelling objects for pd. But still no shaders :cry:. It also didn't support scripting when I checked it out.

    I was also around a lot of 3D-engines but it soon got very complicated to first learn an advanced SDK and then try to connect them to MaxMSP or pd, but maybe that would have been possible with Unity which wasn'nt out when I did the project. Check this thread out:

    So maybe you can do this:®
    • 1. Do the midi-stuff in pd or MaxMSP
      2. Setup some sort of a network listening server in Unity
      3. Send TCP/IP data from pd/MaxMSP to Unity
      4. In unity use the network data to move objects, trigger events, etc.
    I don't know if this is possible, but it could be very interesting if it is. Using such a powerfull - yet simple - grahic engine with MaxMSP/pd would be a quantum leap compared to the tedious OpenGL programming that Jitter and gem provides. Such a possiblity would be very attractive to the 'New Media Arts' scene.

    C Ya