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Microtransaction for bigger (free) 3D indie games

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by unitedone3D, Sep 8, 2021.


Microtransaction for bigger (free) PC/console 3D indie games?

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  1. unitedone3D


    Jul 29, 2017
    Hey there! Just a 2 cents.

    After searching and not finding an answer much or looking to see others' views, I am wondering if Microtransactions (in game) are worth it for larger 3D indie games (sold on Steam or EGS) that would be given 'free' ('free 2 play' F2P model). I say this because so far the only thing that comes to this is the indie mobile 3D games that are given pratically free or for 50c and they put microtransaction in the game; these are what you would call 'Premium Mobile 3D games' (like some quality indie-AAA-like Zombie 3D games on mobile...they sold Tons of copies, like downloaded millions of times or something...only the best ones of course..but that is, well, in mobile games the most you can ask is 99cents for the game...but you make up in the sheer volume of mobile players that download the game - and pay 99cents..if the 3D mobile game is high quality.
    Even More So, if that mobile game is Given Free / Free 2 Play....
    obviously that is problematic for the company...they get Tons of downloads (For giving it F2P free..)
    but they have to recoup theier costs...with micro-transactions...

    Now..micro-transactions are very all over the board...AAA do them...they give their AAA game free Fortnite for example...and they put microtransaction to monetize their game/make back their production costs...

    and Do Make It backk....that's the part that intrigues me.

    AAA games would Not make microtransactions/F2P combo, if it did not work...microtransaction Work...and pay them back like a Lot More..than regular 'pay once' regular game price/premium and done.

    But..this is AAA games...what about Indie games? There is not much on that point...

    MObile games yes...that have that quality/polish...and are either 99c, 50cent or 25 cents....Or F2P given free altogher....but they recoup it all with microtransactions ingame purchases.

    There has been so much vitriol thrown at microtransactions 'for milking dry' the gamers of their money....but, if we think it trhough...if your game is high quality, and 3D and Wanted..a.nd you give it Free F2P...
    like that is sure fire way to get Downloads of your game..for being free beer.

    But...with the microtransactions that you would put in your would of course p*ss off some players that will hate that and say :'oh another game with microtransaction bs...trying to ripp off my wallet'...but
    that's not What the statistics are saying...

    F2P works...with combined microtransactions when you have a great game.

    How so? Well it seems that there is Small % of people Who Buy ingame purchase like weapons, skins, textures...or random stuff...and They Buy It No Matter...what.

    90% of people pay nothing about microtransacations...they just ignore them and play the FREE game...right..

    but, there is a 10% or so I believe that buy 'cosmetics' 'in game'...and if you put these costmetics behind these microtransaction you sort of Force Some People to pay for get them...obviously..since asking some money for them..

    But the point is, that some people Want to Collect All there Is to Collect in the game...and they sometimes want this Specific Weapon or Armor or POwer Up...or whatever...and you can put it 'behind a paywall/microtransaction' to obtain it...and continue playing the game or 'Rise' in the collecting evertthing these is to it.

    But, lkie statistics...were saying: ''AAA games make a sh*ton more Money with microtransaction then regular pay once price....because they give the game Free/F2P and a Lot of people pay nothing...but it Does Not matter in the end if thousands of people download the game and only a small % buy cosmetics...''

    Let us remember games have asked up to 10-20$ for Ingame Purchases..that much..and they Still Sold.

    Now, I know this is the AAA game that do this..but what about higher/quality 3D indie games (not on mobile but like Steam)...I am sure they are faced with certain backlash...Yet they still might make some money because some people will be willing to buy the cosmetics in the F2P indie game....??
    Tons of people will be Happy to Get a Free Indie Quality Game...-and- it would Contain microtransactions...people can't have 'wtf' faces when indie developers are trying to monetize their game and survive...but so far its seems like qualit 3D indie games are condemnded to 'pay once price'..and that can be far worse in terms of selling potential/Revenue potential.

    Because a Lot Less people might buy your game than being Free/F2P...yes, there is the whole 'Value Perception' people expect smaller Pc 3D indie games in the 5-20$ bracket range...not much more... (especially solo made ones), but of course a 20$ indie games Seems to Have High Value (for being less cheap price than 4 bucks 3d indie game), but it may not be accomplishing it (althouth price perception/value proposition/value perception is very strong deterrent on the mind - if it 'feel's help, if it 'feel's expensive - 'seem' high quality);

    So I am left wondering (with no examples...much) as to if microtransaction in a quality 3D PC game (and not necessarily on on EGC or GOG...because I know Steam audience is rabid sometimes on these things ''no microtransaction, period'' and not very willing unlike other website digital store audiences);
    It'S the old 'nickle & dime' the gamer/player/payer...
    I say 'payer' -> F2P -> No payer...Free* 3d indie how gonna monetize the game?
    You hope to get that 10-20% of people who 'buy ingame purchase cosmetisc' in your game...

    IF you get 50,000 downloads of your game (being optimistic), and you had put microtransactions, 10% of that is 5000, which does not seem that much; until you asked 10-20$ per microtransaction....obviously if asking a are making nothing....these are Low price 50c ingame purchases...but you can't do that because you know you will not get the AAA Volume of copies you have to rack up the price to make up for low download/copies number. At that point I have feeling that some people are like 'Why charge 20$ for a microtransaction that's should just ask 20$ upfront price for the game altogethere and skip expensive microtransactions that 'make up' the ROI; it makes you look very 'exploitatory' asking 20$ for 'ingame purchase'...yet some people Still Do buy them Even So..)

    It is a bit of a conundrum....ask 20$ for your indie game...hoping some will buy it - if it'S quality it 'should?' people are willing to pay 20$...but if it's not Super Selling and then you wonder..maybe I should have done microtransactions are try to recoup there...adn give the game Free/F2P...and hope to make money from the 'people that buy cosmetics in-game''....maybe that is wishful (and not applicable? to PC indide 3D games/ on Steam or big platforms cause they feel it's ripoff)...but when I see mobile games that sold like crazy in numbers or were downloaded millions of times...and are indie 3d games (like zombie shooters) and they asked 30 cents for the game..they hit the jackpot and remade the ROI...or they give the game indie 3D mobile game and put microtransaction and made a Ton of money - since hundreds of thousands downloade the game and 10% of mobile gamers are 'ingame cosmetics purchasers'....we hope a Higher % of cosmetic byers...but I think the wrench in the cogwheel is that Steam/EGS/PC platform/Console stores...are expecting no microtransactions and that F2P indie quality 3d games....are rare on PC platforms...they are downloaded like crazy (For being free) but 'don'T put any microtransactions' that does not leave much option about monetizing your's basically mobile F2P/cosmetics...or PC full in between? Could it be worth it (ROI speaking vs risk of no one buying cosmetics)?

    Thanks for reading,
    Just a 2 cents.

    PS: Sorry for length. I think that the biggest (other) crux/ the Volume/Sheer Volume...indies games never get 'millions of downloads' that mobile games obtain...they oftenyly get 10,000 or 50K...maybe 100K copies/download??...not millions like quality mobile games (I know that tons of mobiles game sell nothing/no copies/dire competition much worse/thousands of mobile games competing for pennies)? only the Star Indies reach millions of it's problematic, in that case, we should scratch microtransaction and just go with a 'one price - 20$' and cross your fingers to get more copies sold/volume. Because if you make microtransaction 5$ each...and just 10% of people buy ingame microtransaction and you only got 15,000 downloads/copies. Maths -> 10% x 5$ X 15,000 dwnld = 7500$...nothing to write home about and can't live on that (only if solo, on ramen soup), not even McDs salary (albeit most people perfer 7.5K$ vs cleaning toilets at McDs and make a whole lot more; salary stability is crucial/important, but if you can live on 'less/frugal' it suddenly the rest that matters more than getting minimum salary - Quality of Life/Job Choice vs Wage/Revenue). In short term (and far long term) money wins always..for basic needs. not in Very far long term though (unhappy doing what you do/feeling miserable - a big check less feeling miserable - but still, time flies and not doing what you want/being free/quality -> unhappiness; hapiness is key to longevity, money provides some of that, but if you feel stuck 'in a rut' living paycheque to paycheque; how long can you go on while life slips by).

    PPS: One second thought, it is maybe not such a good idea..and altogether still better (for PC indie 3D games) to stick with the 'Tried and True' method of 'one price' and that's it.
    I apologize for this thread - I can't remove it (threads can't be removed I think?); thus it will run its course...a free 2 play survey.

    PPPS: Found this, it seems MMO games can be very microtransaction ladden and that some people spend in(sane?) Fortunes (about 5%) on in game cosmetics/, these are AAA MMO games...I am not so sure this is reproducible so well in smaller indie 3D seems that only these AAA games get microtransactions to in people Only put/buy microtransaction - there (And indie 3D mobile games....that's it). smaller F2P PC Indie 3d games (not AAA or very large team) sold on PC platforms, seem to be completely out of the picture (no in between) for microtransactions. It seems that the biggest 'trigger/multiplier' not how much money are they spending (well, it is)...but rather How Many Ingame Microtransaction do they do - per say selling an Armor 5$...a Skin 5$...a Weapon 5$...a text 5$...etc etc...basically making Many Ingame starts to Add Up (and make more money than a 'one time' price - in Total). Some people spent 1000$ (about 5%) in microtransactions (woah..), that is UltraCollecting (obsession of) the game's stuff - they want it all and Need it All - and will Pay it All, does not matter if the cosmetic Each Cost 10$..they'll pay 10$ - Each of Them for whateevr number there are of them. Let's say on 20K downloads...that is a 1000 people (5% of 20K) whom paid 500-1000$ (will put it at 1000); 1000 people x 1000$ = 1,000,000/1 Million Dollars. That is Very ROI (especially if you are small team or better - Solo..not so (evidently) if you are large team because u must divide that total by # of creators of the game). But we are talking about MMOs of AAA I am not so sure it is reproductible with smaller indie 3D games on PC (...on mobile yes...because of Millions of Mobile Users - on Google Play/Android..the user database/volume of mobile people is gigantic). I guess the thing that leaves (to wondering) is if we can hope/think that ingame purchasers will buy MANY ingame cosmetics...not just 1. And then it Adds up....if you put a price of 5$ of every little piece of youir game...this is (bit disingenuous marketing of Star Citizen game) that sells '3D Star Ships' for like 10-1000$ (not kidding), this game is made - from selling in gam microtransaction 'ships to buy' has made millions of dollars to fund it(self) (from kickstarter/crowfuinding back up - by sellling 3d ships that appear in the game).But, ultimately, that's what it is - selling 'parts' of your game..litlte bits of a higher price 'per 1 small unit'..hence, microtransaction -> sell armor, ship, weapon, text, texture, what have you...Each have a price...and some people by Each of adds up. Now Only if you have Large Volume of people downloading your F2P game...I mean if no one downloads does not need volume (and you get that - by being a Free (2 Play) game);;but it must obtain these people that put insane amoutns of money (1000$) to rack up and make up for the large 80% or so who only play - the free game - and do no microtransaction purcahses. Here the graphic taht shows it:

    the average spending is 200$ or so...still a lot...most people spend roughly 20-50$ tops...but some go much more than would be to aim those that put more/buy everything int he game...of course this graphic is only for AAA - I am wondering how much it can be sort of applicable/applying/reproducible for smaller indie PC 3D games - and not necessarily 'MMOs' but other game genres.
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