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Question Mi GetApps Store Rejection

Discussion in 'Unity Distribution Portal (UDP)' started by Salmer, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Salmer


    Aug 16, 2015
    While trying to publish game on Mi GetApps I get the message from store with "rejected" status:

    "The resolution of your game is not suitble. There are black borders on the top/bottom. Black/white borders padding is disabled. Plese contact your company's technical staff to fix the problem and resubmit for review. Test model: The resolution of your game screenshot/banner image is not suitable, and there are black borders on the top/bottom. Black/white border filling is disabled."

    We have banner with 1024x500 resolution.
    First used screenshots had 1920x1080 resolution and we changed them to recomended ones (1080x800) but still get rejected by store.

    Our game does not contain black borders and content is flexible for any device resolution so problem lays somewhere else.

    Is there any guidelines for this store or any guides from people who pass the stores review?

    Any help will be appreciated!