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Question Mesh based terrain or terrain generation tools for Battle Royale game (PUBG alike)

Discussion in 'World Building' started by MetaDOS, Feb 1, 2022.


Which tool should I use for terrain of a Battle Royale map?

  1. Mesh-based with 3D tool like 3Ds Max

  2. Unity Terrain

  3. Gaia Pro 2021

  4. Terrain Composer 2

  5. Other

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  1. MetaDOS


    Nov 10, 2013

    I'd like to ask whether I should use the mesh-based terrain (all done by 3Ds Max/Maya) or terrain generation tool (like Gaia Pro 2021, Terrain Composer 2, etc.) for a map like PUBG, Apex Legends in terms of performance and productivity?
    Our game will be on PC and Mobile platforms.

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User


    Hey, it is recommended to use meshes on the mobile platforms because it performs much better than the unity terrain... On PC it doesn't matter much.... U can profile it yourself if u want to check .... U can use the unity terrain and covert it to a mesh by exporting its heightmap to blender or any software u like and displace it and optimize it by dividing it into chunks and creating LODs ( if u use unity terrain there is Auto LOD for landscape)... There is also a asset called terrain to mesh which u can use to convert the terrain to mesh.... The assets u mentioned all use unity terrain i think ... If u are planning the assets to use for the looks and sculpting for your game then u should also give a try to the unity terrain tools which is great and free .... If u want to use custom terrain meshes from 3ds max the advantage u have is that u can have concave cave like structures which is only possible with unity by creating hole in the terrain and bringing in the concave mesh and again u would need to author the LODs youself.... I also recommend u to benchmark the performance of terrain and mesh yourself because unity terrain might run great on newer Mobo devices
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  3. MetaDOS


    Nov 10, 2013
    Thank you @EagleG . Yes making LODs for the maps is quite challenging using terrain meshes.