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Mechanics of moving objects

Discussion in 'Physics' started by Phelikx, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Phelikx


    Dec 29, 2014
    Let image
    two conveyor, on which the objects are moving forward. We can throw these
    objects from one conveyor to another, through - "swipe” (your finger left
    / right). Q: How can I implement this mechanics of throwing objects?

    Presently the mechanics is as follows:
    movement of objects on conveyors realized by WayPoint. Before conveyors arranged 2 invisible points – SpawnPoint, where actually spawn our objects. Every SpawPoint has its own unique WayPoint with the amount of N points, divided equally into two pipelines and are invisible to the player. Objects that appear from SpawnPoint, move straight to the closest point before green object and so on until the end of the rectangle. At the end of the way all objects are destroyed. At the right respawn - right conveyor, respectively, left left. When a player touches the green circle, turns on mechanism "hopping" on its neighbor rectangle, then the object is moving straight to the end, for all its points(problem, while pressing: the object can be looped, repeatedly pressing on it, which leads to its freezing on the spot or to epileptic seizures, if lazy to press). Mechanics of hopping: The object moves to a point in front of him, when you touch the object, the multiplication of by two license-order point to which it should be, then it goes to the end of the conveyor itself liquidated. Possible multiple repetition of "hopping" in any period of time.
    Walk on again:
    1. How can I implement this mechanics flipping objects?
    1.1 If we consider my way, that it fix and improve?
    2. How to implement a mechanism for flipping, without the effect of cycling, with a single touch?

    Development is carried in to Unity by C #, drawing in a raster graphics (2d game). If necessary, I can lay out the source and share all what you will need to get a better answer to this question. Thank you all in advance.
  2. andeeeee


    Jul 19, 2005
    Hi! It would be very useful if you could post the code you are using. I think I understand roughly how the game works but it isn't easy to suggest fixes without seeing your code.