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Mecanim[PRO]: Jump and Climb animations shaking in game

Discussion in 'Animation' started by gerico, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. gerico


    Mar 26, 2013

    I m trying to fix this issue since a while now and haven't found any clue on any website or forum.
    I setted up all the game's animations properly except for those ones.
    I m not able to figure why there is alway a shake in the motion.
    When the character uses his hands to getup or climb, it goes down and seems to comes back to its right position when the push is over. As if Unity tried to compensate the distance between the hands and the foot...?
    I tried every settings in the import animation's window but the result is always the same: the animation is fine in the preview window but shakes while playing in game.
    my animations are set up as humanoid, using the same avatar and the same mask.

    Does anyone had the same problem and fixed it?
    thanks for your help!