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maybe rebuild Collab ? As in : re-design.

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by spacename, May 25, 2019.

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    Mar 13, 2015
    pre-text; I've used SVN for 12 or more years. I've used Git for 6 or 7 years. LFS for several years. I've used various proprietary project management systems over the years.
    Yesterday, I used Unity collab for approx. 4 hours.
    I tested between 2 local systems using the same engine version 2019.1.f2.
    I had a basic project I used for testing Collab.

    After the 4 hours, I was highly agitated and after the problem count reached 10, I gave up entirely.
    Please note; do not take this post outside of verbatim.
    I am NOT here to bash Collab as this post is in a serious tone/effort.
    it would be brilliant if this worked in a professional, solid manner.

    I had spent most of the 4 hours fixing what collab broke and that which it could not resolve.I will mention 2 of the larger issues which contain many smaller issues(even if the smaller issues aren't specifically mentioned within the sections below. ).
    • How can you diff that which it does not provide ?
    When you have a file conflict, you can choose to DIFF them, ..but how can you diff a file in a cloud path that is not provided to you nor piped into the diff tool ? ..nor do they allow you to download the file to secondary location through this system. You have to use a browser to access the cloud system to obtain the file for DIFF use. ..mind numbing stuff that wastes too much time.
    Also, the PREFERENCES Diff Tool set was set by Unity, and I could not choose my own preferred tool -- WHICH WOULD be ok if Unity piped the data into the diff tool for me. .. but I was left with a blank Diff screen every single time.. ::facepalm:: ...and so, back to the web browser to get the file each time.
    • The associative dis-associative project issue: Collab created as many new collab projects as I wanted from the same local project. Each time I started a cloud-defined-project through Hub, I would log in to Collab, and Collab would not associate the local project to the cloud project it created another new project... again and again. ..This is a ::face + desk * n:: scenario.
    The more I tested Collab (and look for what I knew to seek out from experience) the more problems I had to resolve for what are generally viewed as; 'basic features' in collab development.

    This post was made since I felt it odd to attempt various bug reports for what should be an obvious set of issues. ** I won't be replying/returning to this thread. In fact, after the Devs read this, it might be best to delete it.
    @Unity Collab devs
    , feel free to email me.
    *I have turned off notifications for this thread.*
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