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Question Matchmaker Queue Issue

Discussion in 'Matchmaker' started by HamzaMuhammad, Aug 17, 2023.

  1. HamzaMuhammad


    Jan 17, 2022
    I am facing a issue where when two players create ticket, sometimes the matchmaker does not allocate them a server. When a third player creates a ticket, somehow all 3 players join the same server causing the third player to find themselves unable to do anything as server is full.My Queue is made for 1v1 matchmaking only and I am sharing my Queue Rule JSON below.

    Code (JavaScript):
    1. {
    2.   "Name": "1v1",
    3.   "MatchDefinition": {
    4.     "Teams": [
    5.       {
    6.         "Name": "Teams",
    7.         "TeamCount": {
    8.           "Min": 2,
    9.           "Max": 2,
    10.           "Relaxations": []
    11.         },
    12.         "PlayerCount": {
    13.           "Min": 1,
    14.           "Max": 1
    15.         }
    16.       }
    17.     ],
    18.     "MatchRules": []
    19.   },
    20.   "BackfillEnabled": false
    21. }
  2. jackward84


    Jan 26, 2017
    I would check for sanity is that 2 of the players don't have the same userID. Potentially what's happening is 2 of the clients have the same userID, so they are not getting matched against each other. But when the third client queues with a different userID, it's popping the queue of the first 2 since they are basically the same player.
  3. HamzaMuhammad


    Jan 17, 2022
    Hey jack, I checked the ID's and player Id's are unique as its Anonymous Sign In. Do you have any other idea on what to do to resolve this.