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Bug MatchMaker disconnection issue after pairing

Discussion in 'Game Server Hosting' started by tony040209_unity, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. tony040209_unity


    Mar 21, 2021
    Run Hosted Server on Unity Multiplay automatically or run it 24hours
    In response to this article, I still open a post to ask questions,

    In order to understand the MatchMaker service, I downloaded official example and tested it on UGS,

    Matchplay: A Matchmaker and Multiplay sample

    After the player pairing is completed, there will be a disconnection after a period of time.
    And it got disconnected in less than an hour.

    Shown at events on UGS,
    "Shutting down: server is allocated",
    It means that the player has been paired, but why does UGS shut down the server forcibly?
    It stands to reason that after the player battle is over,
    In order to send the CommandLine to close the Server,
    Here is also attached the Log on UGS and Client.

    i have set
    CpuSpeed 1000mhz,
    Ram 1000mb,
    There is still a signo11 error,
    It has been confirmed that the performance will not exceed this setting.

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  2. tony040209_unity


    Mar 21, 2021

    Currently I convert the query type to None,
    It doesn't look like there is anything wrong.

    Operating procedures:
    After about an hour of testing and no errors,
    I disconnect a player a,
    In the end, it should be the reason for MatchMaker TTL,
    So the paired server was shut down.

    I have some questions here:

    1. If the query type is changed to None, it will be normal.
    Does that mean there is a problem with the SQP part?

    2. After two Clinets enter the game, will MatchMaker consider the game to have started?
    Or notify MatchMaker by other means?

    3. When one Clinet leaves, there is one Clinet left in the room,

    Logically speaking, it should be an hour later, if you don't accept the matching invitation
    TTL will close the Server,
    But I tested it for less than an hour here,
    The server was shut down, why?

    configuation.jpg event.jpg queues3.jpg queues4.jpg

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