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Massive Clouds Atmos / Massive Clouds

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by mewlist, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. HIBIKI_entertainment


    Dec 4, 2018

    This is the pipeline not running/installed properly. There are bug associated with it, but also back end set ups

    I noticed your main screenshot there has the HDRP medium quality RP asset as the source in the graphics.
    technically it doesn't matter all that much but can you replace it with the HDRP default asset instead?
    You should then be able to hit play or it'll just appear.

    In general, though id run some A/B testing between a fresh project or a cloned project just because you've made pipeline changes and it's always good practice to check before integrating into live projects.

    secondly, you can check the pipeline wizard under the windows tab to ensure things are set up as well.

    2020.3 does work with Massive ( see sky pic), but it's a safe bet this will be the last version that works mostly fine, but things will start to naturally wind down and not work as versions go forward, and the asset is no longer being updated.

    2020.3 is likely going to be the main point where this asset will become depreciated in general so keep that in mind.

    it's also worth noting that 2021.2 onwards has its own volumetric cloud solution as well.
    (unity vclouds pic)

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  2. peizheqiyuquyouyong


    Oct 29, 2021
    All right, I have another question. At present, the MassiveClouds.cs must be associated with camera. Do you have a solution separate from camera? If you have something to say, I hope you can give the solution details.
    In addition, massivecloud.cs can only modify the influence of some light, but can not modify the specific attributes of the cloud in real time, such as the thickness of the cloud and the motion speed of the cloud. I know this needs to modify the MassiveCloudsProfile and click play again to take effect. But is there a way to change it in real time?
  3. HIBIKI_entertainment


    Dec 4, 2018

    For you, you'd always be bound to screen space because Massive Clouds is screen spaced rendering.
    Massive Clouds Atmos is the heavier Volumetric one that isn't tied to the camera.

    Unfortunately, I can't help you further there as that's where the two assets vary and we have the latter one [atmos].

    You may have some exposed API controls, you may have some controls that can be timelined, but I personally wouldn't know I'm afraid.

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  4. Jaakk0S


    Apr 19, 2020
    Hey! Thanks for the awesome clouds. My head's in them.

    I took quite some time tweaking the screen space shadows. Somebody said they're "not syncing". I agree, they weren't syncing cos the quality setting needs to be high enough, otherwise they seem off sync with the visibility of the Sun (I'm using Procedural Skybox).

    Try this:
    - Shadow color type: constant
    - Shadow color: bluish middle gray
    - Shadow: on
    - Shadow softness: 0
    - Shadow quality: 0.85
    - Shadow strength: 1
    - Shadow threshold: 0

    Also, the Sun obviously needs to properly go behind the clouds. The parameters I found affecting this were:
    - Fade: set to 0
    - Far Dissolve: set to 0
    - Transparency: set to 0

    I found there are many things that can go completely off in the settings so I thought to share my solution.
    Last edited: May 24, 2022
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  5. netpost


    May 6, 2018
    @HIBIKI_entertainment Hi, I bought your marvelous asset a while ago and I was wondering how you can get the cloud volumetric effect like the jet plane flying in the cloud in the unity video. I am using Unity 2021.3.5f1 LTS in HDRP. Is that possible. At the moment when I enter the cloud they disappear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. HIBIKI_entertainment


    Dec 4, 2018

    Hey @netpost, I'm so sorry if there has been some confusion somewhere, but we are a user of the asset the same as you.

    Unfortunately the publisher/developer hasn't been around in sometime :c
  7. connortaumoepeau


    May 16, 2020
    I'm having a few issues with the VFX graph rendering order using Massive clouds.

    VFX graph seems to render before clouds, wondering if I can render VFX graph in front of clouds or whether I can change this in the custom pass volume.

    Note I'm using HDRP and Crest Ocean. If I set custom pass volume to render before Post process, clouds correctly render over transparent materials such as Crest. However this also renders over VFX Graph.

    Has anyone managed to render VFX Graph over Massive Clouds?
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2022
  8. lo-94


    Nov 1, 2013
    Hello. Is this asset not usable in HDRP in Unity 2022+?
  9. JJunior


    May 22, 2019
    Hello, I need some help with Massive Clouds Atmos using build-in render pipeline. I am trying to have some environment lights from the skybox and have no success. The only way I get it is by using the procedural skybox, but it only update the sky colors :( Is it a limitation in the build-in render pipeline? If yes, I will have to look of some sort of hdr skybox blending.