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Making an AR markerless app with geolocation in Kudan

Discussion in 'AR' started by coolmajor51, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. coolmajor51


    Nov 26, 2019
    I am new to AR, coding and developing in unity, so bare with me.I am required to make an app which shows a 3D model when the camera is positioned in a certain location and the player is able to interact with it. Initially it has been done with a marker using vuforia and would like to know if there is any way of making it markerless. I have tried numerous tutorials on it and it doesn't seem to work.
    Along with vuforia, I have given Kudan and wikitude a go but none of them seem to be working. All the codes that were used were either downloaded or copied from tutorials and they seem to be working fine in them.
    Is it possible to make something like this.

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  2. DeanGiddy


    Oct 30, 2018
    A bit late for this but which location does it need to be?

    Have you tried looking into ? It uses geolocation to identify where a user is and therefore allows augmented overlay. Currently however is only supported in London UK :(