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Make the search forum list resizable

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by thelebaron, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. thelebaron


    Jun 2, 2013

    (sorry for the terrible quality screenshot, not sure why its coming out like that)

    This list of forums in the search page is not resizable, its pretty terrible to use given how many forums are in listed in here.

    Without some sort of autocomplete search box for the choosing which subforum you want to search(ie another box to type in which subforum I want - if I type UIT it autocompletes the UI Toolkit subforum), navigating this by clicking scroll down is just painful to do regularly - and more people will be needing to do this given how unity's new package documents are similarly terrible making the forums only place for substantive information.

    What would be nice is if you had a search box for each forum, similarly to how you can search a particular thread(only you know for that particular forum).

    I hope this doesnt fall on deaf ears, navigating unity's new packages is tough enough, just some little changes here and there would go a long way to easing the pain for early adopters.
  2. mgear


    Aug 3, 2010