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Make second non-Ar camera follow Ar object (spectator view)

Discussion in 'Vuforia' started by Stu95, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Stu95


    Dec 6, 2019
    i am trying to implement a spectator view where a second non-ar camera shows the ar objects in a different angle.
    Ar object spwans in side view but i want for example a top view of it in the second non-ar camera screen.
    The ar objects (between 3 and 5) are created through image targets.
    All objects lie relatively close together and the attached image targets don´t move much.
    I attached a camera follow script to the non-ar camera and as a target i put the ar camera.
    The normal camera has a Depth of 1 and Target eye = None(main display) whereas the ar camera has a depth of -1 and Target eye=both.
    It kind of works but i am having problems with offset etc.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2020